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Making decisions of any kind, such as picking a restaurant or movie, takes a lot of patience on the part of others, as it takes him a very long time, however.

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One thing that is both his draw and his potential downfall is his reputation as an irrepressible flirt. Even if the Libra zodiac guy is in a committed relationship, he will continue to do this, and it is difficult for him to see it as hurtful. Sexual conquest is rarely his purpose. Rather, he likes attention, admiration, and accolades.

It seldom goes deeper than that. The Libra woman always takes time to look her best; essentially tasteful and classic. Never too bold or loud in any respect, she is tastefully feminine. She puts a great deal of effort into her conversational skills and prides herself on diplomacy and charm. Unfortunately, Libra women tend to be depressed easily. Because the Libra lady spends a great deal thinking about herself her looks, her beliefs, her needs , she can seem a bit egocentric, but appearances are deceiving. Libra in love is a charmer, surrounded by followers.

But he or she tends to have a tumultuous love life. Libra zodiac sign is a perfectionist, and he or she demands perfection from a partner. Sometimes, a Libra will take so long to analyze the situation that the love interest will take over or even walk away. Either option does not bode well for Libra. A Libra man loves the idea of love and will go to great lengths to preserve it. Libra men know when to talk and when to listen; this is what makes them such good conversationalists. If he says nice things but seems distant, that is a warning sign, however.

Remember, Libra men in love hate to be the bearer of bad news. It is best to be patient with a Libra lover. He must work out for himself if this will pan out or not, and nothing will hurry him.

If the Libra male in love feels rushed or pressured, all bets are off. He loves to be flattered, and he loves beauty, so his partner needs to tell him how special he is, and needs to keep up appearances. If his love interest starts to ignore her presence, he will take it personally. Instead, he will appreciate the way it looks on her. A Libra woman in love obsesses over beauty; beautiful things, people, places, and thoughts. She loves, more than anything else, to be told she is beautiful but only if it is sincere.

Social gatherings are her forte, mainly because she loves to talk and hear the latest news. She does not like mind games, for all of her charms. If the Libra female finds someone she thinks would make a good partner, her mind goes on overtime, working out the details. He must be perfect, and the relationship must be perfect. Once she lets down her guard, she can be adorable and loyal. Since Libra is an air sign, the two other air signs Gemini and Aquarius are very compatible.

Key Characteristics of Libra Females You Probably Didn't Notice

This is because air signs are focused on people and looking at life through the lens of the mind. Other good matches are the fire signs located closest to Libra Leo and Sagittarius. Air gives fire the extra life it needs to sparkle. While two Libra dating each other is a possibility, the fact that both like to use subtlety to gain control and both take a very long time to make decisions will likely doom the pair.

The good news is that they will likely never argue until the breakup. The worst match for Libra zodiac sign is Capricorn because they are different. Capricorns are so focused on work and schedules that Libras will feel left out and possibly hurt. The most notable thing about dating Libra men is their even tempers. He is very social and flourishes in amicable relationships. He enjoys a civil debate and has a healthy habit of keeping his emotions out of it. Even more than the topic, when you are dating a Libra man , he likes to explore all sides and the logic behind both sides.

If you want to capture his attention, see if you can get him started by offering a topic and let him go. It is essential that you do not get overly emotional in the discussion, however, so think about your problem carefully. It is likely you will need to come up with the first date since Libra are known for their indecisiveness. Just make sure it is not something too wild for him to handle. Starting a conversation when dating a Libra woman should not be difficult; they enjoy useful discussions, as well as flirting, so step on up!

One thing to note, however, is that she will not appreciate a pompous, flashy individual, so just tone it down and be pleasant. Since wit and charm come naturally to her, you may feel like rushing things, but that is a big mistake. Give her time to think things through, and she will let you know if she is interested. When choosing dates with Libra women , traditional ideas are excellent, but look for places where she can be social, too. Chances are, she will find people she knows, and she can bring you into her circle. If you attempt to get to know her family, that will also be appreciated.

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Libra traits and personality explained

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    Beauty is skin-deep. Thank you and good night. A post shared by starbaby thestars. Being in luurrvve. They like to do everything with someone by their side, and ideally that someone is an object of affection. Librans loved to be loved, be in love, and love others. As long as none of the drama is going to blow back on them conflict is a no-no they will happily wade into and help resolve any and all issues.

    Libra Traits

    Beautifying their surroundings is goals. They could make it into the Olympic team for over-thinkers. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus so they share a liking for beauty, the arts, self-indulgence and pleasure. Srsly, get these two together and they could shop, eat, drink and bonk their way through Champion Indulgers, a dangerous combo!

    The Air sign posse also naturally click with each other, and love to chat, debate and discuss anything and everything - so Gemini, Aquarius and Libra make for wonderful companions. Libra is probably the most earthily passionate of the trio, but can still provoke great chemistry with the other two. Aries challenges, amuses and stimulates Libra and can keep up on the romance and passion front too. We all need a lil harmony in our lives and Librans bring it in buckets. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page.

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    Libra Traits

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