How to calculate muntha in astrology

It literally means 'cancellation' of the Ithasala yoga.


It is an unfavourable yoga and does not allow the event to fructity favourably. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Chandra Vela, Avastha, and Chandra Kriya. Yogini Dasha.

How To Calculate Muntha In Astrology What Does Conjunction

Yogini Dasha Astrology Yogini Dasha is very popular in northern india. In Indian astrology the birth ascendant, moon ascendant and year varsh ascendant of a native have much importance to predict the time for him. The planetary periods, yogas and transit of planets also indicates clearly about the past, present and future of a native.

Besides the said, there is many more type of ascendants to consider for a native and among of them the navmansha ascendant is most popular among astrologers as they find it very trust worthy. Here I am trying my best to prove that birth date English Calendar based upon the Muntha Lagna is most accurate to guide for a year than Varsh Lagna which is in custom for yearly prediction for any native on base of the following steps and request you all honourable astrologers to work-out on this method and self-check the accuracy in the subject.

Muntha by Usha Saxena Astrologer

The rest houses of chart will attain the next coming signs therein in serial but the planets of the houses at the time of birth will not change their house and will remain in their natal house at the same natal degree except of natal signs as this have been changed owing to the change of sign in Muntha ascendant. In other words in Muntha Lagna for any year, the planets remains in the same natal house at the same natal degree and only change occurs in their natal sign.

The Muntha ever remains at the natal degree of natal ascendant in any sign and it never goes to be changed. This is a type of Astrology which is not of Indian origin but came to India via Persian influence.

वर्षकुंडली में पंचाधिकारी और वर्षेश साधन

The principle is "Varsha Phala" or "yearly chart". Progression chart and Muntha Method. In Indian astrology the birth ascendant, moon ascendant and year varsh c Now it is turn to calculate the Muntha-periods dasha of planets as like of Mudda. Narasimha or list members, The Muntha showing for annual tajaka for someone born in with capricorn ascendant is showing.